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  1. Wow, the weather we are having is amazing, I hope everyone is enjoying it. It's rather hot in the kitchen when the oven is on (often!) and cake decorating must be managed, melted buttercream and sticky icing makes it quite a challenge. Still, I must not moan, no, I really musn't!

    I had a lovely cake to do last weekend,  a gymnastics cake, which is a new one for me! I loved doing it though and decided to have the little model doing the splits and spelling out the number 8 with her ribbon. Sparkly stars spelling out her name completed the look perfectly!

    Gymnastics cake

    I also had an order for one of my most popular designs, but in a colour scheme I'd not done before - lilac and cream. I was blown away with the results, I love it! It was an 8" vanilla sponge cake and was 4" high, a real statement.

    Lilac roses

    This weekend I did another football shirt, Chelsea this time. I wanted to get the badge on there and I don't like to use printed toppers/edibles, so it was totally handmade and hand painted and it looked great on the board, the cake can be seen here in full.

    Chelsea badge

    What kind of cake did I have to do on the hottest day of the year (so far!)? Chocolate of course! A 9" vanilla sponge, filled with buttercream and raspberry jam, surrounded in alternate milk and white chocolate cigarellos and topped with fresh raspberries. Totally stunning and my husband has 'ordered' one for his birthday later this year!

    Chocolate cigarellos & raspberries

    The coming weekend means 6 cakes for me to complete, there is a real mix for me to do, from fairly straight forward to a real challenge. Can't wait, bring it on!

  2. Wow, That Cake Lady turned 1 on June 24th! I was away at Center Parcs celebrating a friend's 40th, so I didn't even make a cake to mark the occasion! I really can't believe how lucky I have been, I've been able to create some amazing cake creations and I'm amazed at how busy I have been, and at how full my diary is right into 2014. Last week I took 7 orders, and I've taken another 7 this week already! Please, if you want to book a cake, get in touch sooner rather than later, a £10 desposit secures the date in my diary, even if you're not sure what you want yet. Here is a little montage I made of some of my favourite cakes from the last year.


    picmonkey collage


    I bought a little present for myself to celebrate and I'm over the moon with it. Wait for it, it's a .......... sign! I got it from here and I highly recommend them. Hopefully it will help people find me more easily and I've had lots of compliments on it already!




    I had a pretty cake to decorate a week or so ago, but I didn't bake the cake, the customer provided it. I am happy to do decoration only if you have a secret family recipe that you want to use, but are unsure how to decorate it! It was quite nice actually, takes a bit of the stress out of it, maybe I should get all my customers to provide their own cakes!


    Daisy birthday cake


    I did bake the cake that this cute topper sat on though! A delicious 9" vanilla sponge filled with jam and buttercream. The birthday girl was having a party at Horse World, so a Thelwell inspired horse was just perfect!


    thelwell 006


    And so we are in July. I have a bumper month lined up, 4 orders this weekend, 3 the following, 6 (!) the weekend after that and 2 for the final weekend of the month. Plenty of prep already done, but still more to do.