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  1. 2015 was a great year for me. Not only did I get to make terrific cakes nearly every weekend, I had a purpose built cake kitchen built for me!


    Welcome to the cake shed! Yes, I have a log cabin in the garden fully fitted out with 2 ovens, plumbing, a fridge and oodles oodles of wonderful worktop! I even have a desk and consultation area out here! I love it!



    shed2   shed3   shed5

    Even though it's freezing outside, I am warm and cosy with my plinth heater on and when I get the ovens on in a bit, it will become really toasty!

    I'm a very happy cake lady.

  2. I've done lots of Christening and Baptism cakes and really enjoy the whole range of designs I get asked to do. Here are my offereings from May and June:


    Ducks Christening cake                 Elephant Christening cake               Christening cupcake tower                              Noahs Ark Christening cake

                         Floral Baptism cake                                                                 Baby shoes Christening cake


    Whether it's a small family affair or a large celebration, a cake is always a nice centre-piece for such a special occasion.