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  1. I am so delighted to have featured in the Weston Mercury's list of 5 of the top bakeries in North Somerset. In fact, I was pretty speechless when I first heard! You can read the article here.

    Still busy in the kitchen and wedding season has started in earnest, look at this beauty which travelled to Bucks and had pride of place in the marquee. The fresh flowers provided by the florist finish it perfectly.

    Fresh flowers wedding cake


    And because variety is the spice of life, this Avengers cake was a delight to make - so much fun!

    Avengers cake


    Lots of other cakes have been leaving the kitchen too, as ever, all can be viewed in my galleries


  2. It's been so long since I blogged, I am a bad bad Cake Lady! As ever, my excuse can only be cake. I've been kept busy making amazing cakes for lovely people. I'm so lucky that people want such a wide range of designs and styles. 

    There are too many from the last few months to blog here, but here are some of my favourites:

    Helen & Scott's wedding cake - totally different to a traditional cake and so much fun to make. They wanted something that reflected their journey so far so it incorporated their daughter, the fruit and veg they grow together, their beloved pet cats and a red front door, just like their own house. All on a path leading up to them at the top. All set up at the beautiful Clevedon Hall.

    Novelty wedding cake

    Harry Potter - this needs no explaining, a joy to recieve the order and a joy to make. One off my wish list! Others still on there include Game of Thrones, Wizard of Oz and the Sound of Music!

    Harry Potter cake

    Alice & Nick's wedding cake - pure romance and beauty for this cake. Stunning with roses and lace. Set up at the Avon Gorge Hotels with those unique views across the Suspension Bridge. 

    Roses & lace wedding cake

    Stormtrooper Head - totally awesome cake for a 40th birthday and again, a joy to make for a Star Wars nut like me!

    Stormtrooper cake

    Football boot cake - the perfect cake for a talented football player.

    Football boot cake


    There are so many more which can all be found in my galleries.