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  1. People often ask me which is my favourite cake. I often chop and change my mind and some of them are just not comparable, I like them for different reasons. However, I can safetly say (for now!), that this is my most favourite cake EVER!

    Ice cream sundae cake

    It was ordered as a suprise for a guy who goes to Italy most years and loves their ice-cream, or gelato. So his wife and daughter asked could I make an ice-cream sundae. I decided the best way to present this was in a trifle dish and it took a bit of bravery to plonk (yes, a technical cake decorating word!) the main body of the cake into the dish! The 4 scoops of ice-cream are all individual cakes and then all of the decoration and fruit were hand modelled from sugarpaste apart from the purple and gold palm tree things! Yes, this is definitely my favourite!

    Ice cream sundae 039



  2. The wide range of styles of cake I get asked to do is what makes my job so enjoyable. These chocolate cakes are becoming more and more popular and (as a chocolate addict), it's not hard to see why. They can be made to any budget and really have a wow factor. This one was a 9" chocolate sponge chock-a-block full of chocolately goodness!

    Chocolate madness!

    I also learn lots of new things through my work, for example, I now know the names of all the One Direction - Louis, Harry, Zayne, Niall and.... ummmmm, hmmmmm, Liam!!! This was an 8" chocolate cake made for a 1D fan.

    One Direction cake

    I have a wedding cake in August and the wedding is taking place in Essex. That Cake Lady is going on tour!! Anyway, I sent off a box of samples to London for the bride and groom to enjoy. Thankfullly they got there in one piece. Actually, it was nice to have a day of baking, which I love, and not having to worry about the decorating side of it for a while!

    London box

    Cake trio


    I've done this style of cake a few times now, but as a nation of golfers, it's hardly suprising. 9" chocolate cake.

    Golfing cake

    This model was a challenge, the cake needed to incorporate running, so I decided to make the model in action. Which meant one leg had to be off the ground. Which meant a balancing game. Which meant panic and worry. Which resulted in a brilliant effect!! I used the birthday boy's date of birth as a finish time and then there is a little pair of boxing gloves and a Man Utd emblem, to show his other loves in life. 9" vanilla sponge.


    This model was also a challenge! The handle bars proved tricky, but once I'd sorted it, I was over the moon with it! The topper is so cool, the whole cake is so cool! 8" vanilla sponge.

    PicMonkey Collage

    For a baby girl's thanksgiving ceremony, I was asked for a fruit cake and 50 accompanying cupcakes. The fruit is an 8" round and there are 50 cupcakes on the tower, each topped with 2 tone buttercream and a twinkly star.


    I've recieved some amazing feedback from my cakes over the last couple of months and the biggest compliment of all - repeat bookings. Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in ordering a cake, I'm happy to chat cake to anyone and there is no obligation!